About Us

GLOBAL FS is an organization that provides independent auditing, technical support and education services to the consumer goods industry in the international market in order to promote the strengthening of the culture of food safety, quality and continuous process improvement throughout the supply chain, thus strengthening our customers’ brand and consumer protection.

Our Company

Our company bases its development on the organizational culture that arises from our Mission, Vision, Principles and Values observable and measurable by all its committed employees.

We take care of maintaining relationships with a group of people with whom we have a special responsibility and over which the values must be maintained.


To be a recognized organization in the market of consulting services related to management systems in the areas of food safety, quality and production processes.


To offer high value services to our clients through audits, technical support and education led by our GLOBAL FS EDUCATION CENTER to build robust management systems.


  • We act with integrity
  • Inclusion without discrimination.
  • We act objectively


  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Leadership
  • Professional ethics

Our people

We take care of every detail of our people so that our clients can rely on their professionalism, experience and provide two key elements to the management system.

  • Assertive technical criteria on food safety and quality systems updated with a guideline in the world market
  • Operational experience in the production floor.

By connecting these two key elements to the real process of our clients and their needs, we can strategically support your organization to offer commercial solutions that are expected within your objectives and have a positive impact on cost reduction, which benefits your operations and protect your brand.