• Actively interpret what is a validation, monitoring and verification
  • Establish corrective and / or preventive actions
  • Audit about program maintenance
  • Continuous improvement of the system through the review by senior management of corrective actions
  • Includes practical sessions of PCC’s verification and other control measures in the course


Promote the understanding and importance of a validation, verification and reanalysis of the HACCP system in your plant through internal auditing and that allows the safety team and internal auditors to ensure adequate implementation and maintenance in order to avoid adulteration or contamination of food.


-HACCP regulatory requirements (USDA, FDA, etc.)

-HACCP-Employee Education

-HACCP Overview

-HACCP audit

-Verification of prerequisite programs

-Verification and validation

-PCC’s Verification

-Understand the components of PCC’s verification


-Log Review

-Independent observations / verifications

-Identify specific examples of each PCC’s verification activity

-Identify the responsible parties and frequencies (when and how often), carrying out CCP verification activities

-Identify PCC’s verification records

-Describe the role of microbiological testing in the verification of PCC’s

-HACCP system verification

-Identify the differences between a HACCP Plan and a HACCP system

-Describe the components of a HACCP system verification

-Identify examples of activities carried out in a HACCP verification system

-Identify the responsible parties and frequencies (when and how often), carrying out HACCP system verification activities

-Identify verification records of the HACCP system

-Demonstrate how to interpret and use the verification results of a HACCP system

-HACCP plan validation

-HACCP system verification

-The participant receives a diploma for their full attendance to the session and / or certificate after exam approval

-Proof of work skills DC-3 (STPS)

  • Time

16 hours

  • Schedule

Day 1: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Day 2: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

* Consult place and date of availability


Designed for participants with a higher level of knowledge about the validation and verification criteria of the HACCP system, its effective maintenance through a minimum documentation required according to the design of the Plan and its Critical Control Points.

Suggested to

  • Laboratory Analysts
  • Responsible for the Food Safety program
  • Production Supervisors
  • Managers and Heads of quality and safety
  • Responsible for the Cleaning and Sanitation program
  • Universities
  • Regulatory Entities

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