• Obtain the skills and abilities as an Internal Auditor
  • Audit food safety programs
  • Learn on-site auditing techniques
  • Communicate effectively about observations
  • Differentiate from critical and noncritical observations
  • Writing an appropriate report and understanding
  • It includes real Practical Sessions with Auditors of high experience in the course


Strengthen technical skills using ISO 19011: 2018 to exercise the role of internal auditor and verify under effective methods the food safety program in your factory, including the current Good Manufacturing Practices of FDA, as well as knowing the minimum requirements to have the competence and ability to audit.


-International regulation -ISO 19011 Standard -Guidelines for the audit of management systems-Review -ISO 17021 Standard -Conformity Assessment-Review -Codex Alimentarius CAC / RCP 1-1969 -Global Food Safety Initiative -Schemes of Food Safety and Quality Management Systems -Internal audit for food safety -Objectives / Scope / Application -Management responsibility in the application

-Verification of prerequisite programs -Develop a common understanding of the Prerequisite Programs -Identify Verification and Validation activities for Prerequisite Programs -Understand the concept of Prerequisite Program Validation and Validation -Identify examples of specific activities for the Prerequisites Program -Preparation for an internal audit -Personal Security Standards -Opening meeting -Documentary audit -Diagrams / Manuals / Procedures / Records

-Audit techniques -Personal Security Standards -Opening meeting -Documentary audit -Diagrams / Manuals / Procedures / Records -In factory facilities -In the documentary programs -Employee Interviews -Correct verification of Critical Control Points -Observations -Effective communication on nonconformities found -Difference between observations Non-critical and non-critical conformities

-Audit Reports -Effective and concrete writing -Description of observation -Follow-up on nonconformities -Factory inspection -Practical session: Simulation – Inspection Tour in the factory, let’s review the documentation: -Resource management -Management Responsibility -The prerequisite programs -Critical Control Points -Verification and Validation -Improvements

-The participant receives a diploma for their full attendance to the session and / or certificate after exam approval -Proof of work skills DC-3 (STPS)

  • Time

16 hours

  • Schedule

Day 1: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Day 2: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

* Consult place and date of availability


During this 16-hour session, the participant will strengthen the technical skills through the ISO 19011: 2018 standard to exercise the role of Internal Process Auditor and also have the skills to effectively verify the food safety program and its operational practices in the production floor, including the current Good Manufacturing Practices of FDA.

Suggested to

  • Responsible for the Food Safety program
  • Production Supervisors
  • Internal auditors

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