• Handle the criteria to be considered for the presence of a foreign material
  • Learn root cause analysis and research
  • Establish the best internal communication
  • Map foreign materials under models in US plants
  • Effectively handle a Metal and X-ray Detector
  • Includes real practice sessions in the course


Understand and learn to develop an effective program for prevention, monitoring and control in the factory through devices such as magnets, metal detectors and x-rays, which can contaminate the product and harm the final consumer (Importance, identification of hazardous materials, recognize contamination pathways, respond to a finding and document properly).


-Control and prevention of foreign materials

-Regulatory actions (Market product collections)

-Product collection statistics due to physical hazards present in the product

-Foreign materials

-Defining its danger: Classification

-Shape / Origin / Type

-Program of prevention of foreign materials in the factory

-Ingredient entry prevention

-Prevention in the production line

-Prevention due to bad operational practice

-Written program

-Control and prevention of foreign materials

-Development of an effective and state-of-the-art program in the food industry

-Critical Program Components

-Incident scene / Analysis and decision making / Dangers and risks / Communication / Final destination of the product / Lessons learned

-Non-compliant product handling


-When a Nonconforming Product Becomes Dangerous

-Handling of Hazardous Nonconforming Product

-Glass, Plastic, Ceramic Program


-Development and implementation

-Monitoring devices

-Metal detection

-Detection of other non-ferrous materials

-Characteristics of monitoring devices

-Differences between a metal detector and x-rays

-Advantages and disadvantages compared between the metal and x-ray detector

-Monitoring of a CCP established as metal detection

-Incidents in the food industry related to physical hazards

-When a Nonconforming Product Becomes Dangerous

-Pollution with a rare material in our factory


-The participant receives a diploma for their full attendance at the session

-Proof of work skills DC-3 (STPS)

  • Time

16 hours

  • Schedule

Day 1: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Day 2: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

* Consult place and date of availability


During a 16-hour session the participant will learn to develop and implement an effective program for the Prevention and Control of Foreign Materials in their production line, this model being the one currently used by the best production plants and food, beverages and drugs in the United States and Europe. Attached to the regulation of the Federal Code of Regulations of the FDA.


  • Process and quality analysts
  • Responsible for the Food Safety program
  • Production Supervisors
  • Managers and Heads of Quality and Safety

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