• Implement preventive actions that prevent pest activity
  • Analyze trend and its interpretation
  • Know minimum requirements under international standards
  • Manage records and their critical requirements
  • Includes real practical sessions of pesticide application verification in the course


Analyze and discuss international guidelines for the development of a pest prevention and control program that may affect food safety. Develop the necessary guidelines to establish an integrated pest management program in the factory, such as monitoring it through internal audits and understanding the criteria for the effective application of pesticides and their regulatory compliance using the resources offered by the service control provider. pests or internal.


-Objective of the Program and Integrated Pest Management

-Pest Control vs. Integrated Pest Management

-Incidents in the food and food services industry

-Regulatory responsibilities and roles in international agencies

-International References

-Responsibilities and roles of the factory and the service provider

-Requirements based on audits – References Integrated Pest Management as for GMP’s

-Cleaning program and the MIP

-Practical sessions included

-Critical components of a successful Integrated Pest Management based on risk

-Required documentation and annual review

-Trend analysis

-Practical sessions

-Corrective action plan & solutions

-Chemical Control – Pesticide Label

-Control and Verification of records

-Practical session-Audit of IPM records

-The participant receives a diploma for their full attendance at the session

-Proof of work skills DC-3 (STPS)

  • Time

16 hours

  • Schedule

Day 1: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Day 2: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

* Consult place and date of availability


This is a 16-hour course that will make a clear comparison of integrated pest management versus pest control, incidents in the food industry and food services, as well as regulatory responsibilities and roles of international agencies, responsibilities and roles of the factory and service provider, requirements based on audits under the recommendations of the Food Code in its latest version as well as the National Association for Pest Management, closure of related corrective actions and effective application of pesticides and their records.

* This is not a pest control course

Suggested to

  • Responsible for the Food Safety program
  • Production Supervisors
  • Responsible for the Cleaning and Sanitation program
  • Responsible for the integrated pest management program
  • Managers and Heads of Quality and Safety
  • Universities

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